What is resin bound paving?

Resin Bound driveways and paving fixes together small stones with a special resin to form a firm, attractive surface.
The process creates various small gaps that allow water to drain through and into the ground.


This method of paving provides many improved features:

- The drainage and appearance of loose gravel
- The durability and convenience of block paving
- Long-term performance of block paving

Why choose Resin Bound Driveways and Paving?

When water falls on a paved surface, it needs to drain away. Conventional solid surfaces are impermeable: water flows across the surface or forms pools, adding to flood risk.

Gravel surfaces avoid this problem. Water flows freely through the small stones and into the ground, but gravel surfaces can be messy and difficult for cars, pushchairs, wheelchairs and other wheeled devices.


Resin bound paving combines the benefits of all of these options:

- Environmentally friendly
- Reduced flood risk
- Firm surface
- Attractive finish
- Easy maintenance
- Choice of colours